ośrodek lotniczy


In aviation it is believed that the most important teacher is your first instructor. He is the one who, using the knowledge acquired over the years, will show you how to optimally plan the flight, analyze weather conditions, control all phases of the flight, carry out communication with ground communication services and other aircrafts, etc. It’s his obligtion to teach you the correct and safe pilotage! Meet our experienced crew:


He is a pilot with an extraordinary aviation past, as you will see more than once. He is a former military pilot. Through all the years of defending of our country he flew MIG fighters and transport aircrafts such as Bryza. He has extensive experience in training student pilots. Although conducting training is not always associated with such a dose of excitement as crossing the sound barrier, you can be sure that the precision he learned from military aviation allow you to control the most surprising reaction of the student. His flight time on airplanes is counted in thousands of hours. His calm and composure makes each of us feel safe spending time in the air. One thing you can be sure of - after flying with Marek, even without GPS you will not get lost in the air.


Szymon is our youngest instructor, but certainly not in terms of gained flight experience. He has an airline pilot license ATPL and performs flights on airline aircrafts transporting passengers and goods to different corners of the globe. As any pilot with such a high level of skills he flies multi-engine aircrafts and performs IFR flights (flights without seeing the ground). Preparation before the flight done by Szymon, is a master class. Flight rules, meteorology or other operational aspects of the flight will be trained to perfection.


Piotr is an air traffic controller by profession, and in his free time flies private planes to the most remote corners of the world as a contract pilot. Over the years he works at the international airport. Flights into the so-called "controlled space", the area where you fly with Boeings, Airbuses and other large passenger aircraft, carry a huge dose of information that you will not read in any aviation textbook, and believe us - there is a lot going on! He is an oasis of calm and we can guarantee you that nothing is able to bring him out of balance. In addition, has extensive experience in flying according to instruments or on multi-engine aircrafts.



This is the guy! Professionally he sits at the helm of a Boeing 737 and you can go on vacation with him, and after work he flies for pleasure. He also has a Line Training Captain rating, which means it's hard to get to a higher level. In addition, a huge part of his flying life was spent in the aeroclubs in the days when only those with talent could fly. Tom has a lot of experience on small and large aircraft. Apparently he even flies on the hangar door, if necessary


Piotrek no 2 (because we already have Piotrek no 1) professionally works as an air traffic controller in one of the approach areas in Poland. Privately he is aviation enthusiast, flying everything from gliders to aerobatic planes, and recently even tried skydiving. Probably after the flight you will talk a lot of hours on the ground, because he is a terrible aviation chatterbox. A man with an incredible amount of knowledge of aviation, both the book and the unwritten.

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